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Yes, the assembly of our products is possible without difficulties, even for laymen, thanks to the included assembly instructions.

Roof rails and roof racks can be mounted in a very short time without any prior experience. The assembly time here comes to about 15-60 minutes.

Running boards and sill tubes can usually be installed without a lifting platform, here the installation time takes about 45-120 minutes depending on the model and execution.

Frontal protection bars can be installed within 1-3 hours depending on the model and execution, but in this case we recommend a specialist workshop in your area for installation.

Fender flares can usually be installed in a very short time, depending on the model between 30 and 90 minutes.

Seat covers can be installed most cleanly if the seats are removed, but they can also be installed within 30-60 minutes without removing the seats.

Load compartment covers should be installed in the best case always with 2 people, here the assembly time amounts to approximately 1-2 hours depending on whether a roll bar is present or not.

Fold-out steps, retrofit kits for the central locking system, engine hood dampers, tailgate dampers, cargo area trays and radiator grilles can usually be installed within 60 minutes.

Accessories such as loading sill protectors, tailgate protectors, hood extensions, side strip extensions can be installed within a few minutes thanks to adhesive bonding. 

For running boards, usually only a 13, 17, and 19mm wrench is required, no special tools are necessary. For roof rails, only an Allen wrench is needed.