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Bonnet protection Stone chip protection suitable for Ford Transit MK8 Construction year 2014-2018

  • ABS Plastic - Robust and 100% UV protected
  • High break resistance
  • Gentle on Material "no residue"
  • Easy Assembly
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Question about item

Germasell hood protection

Protect the paint with the hood deflector

The bonnet guard is a simple and quick to install accessory. It is particularly suitable for faster cars. The stone chip protection protects the bonnet from scratches and dents on fast journeys on the motorway.

Sporty driving versus aesthetics

You have already invested a lot in your car. A sporty model, enhanced by various tuning parts and an attractive paint finish are her pride. Of course you then want to drive it properly on the Autobahn. After all, why have a car with a powerful engine? But after the trip, the nasty surprise can threaten. Small, thrown up stones have done their destructive work around the nose of the vehicle. Scratches, which can extend to the sheet metal, detract from the previously immaculate condition of the vehicle. The paint becomes dull and rust damage can even occur quickly. In order to prevent this effect, we have added the bonnet protection to our range for you.

What does a bonnet guard do?

The stone guard for the bonnet, also called bonnet bra, is a paintable plastic attachment. It is intended for the front area of ??the car. The front of the vehicle is particularly at risk at high speeds. The kinetic impact energy of thrown up stones increases exponentially with the speed of the car. Grains that would bounce off the bonnet at 100 km/h without consequences dig deep scratches in the paintwork at 250 km/h. The only thing that helps here is to forgo the sporty performance of your car, to accept an annual repaint - or a bonnet protection.

What is special about the Germansell bonnet protection?

The products of many manufacturers are made of flexible fabric. Although they are inexpensive, their shelf life is limited. It becomes particularly problematic when a retaining strap tears. Then the bonnet bra flaps in the wind and can quickly come off completely. If he then gets caught in the wipers, the driver is blind at 250 km/h - that rarely ends well. The bonnet protection from Germansell, on the other hand, consists of a solid acrylic plastic. The rigid shell is mounted with special clips that cannot come loose even at high speeds. In addition, the deflector is designed in such a way that it hugs the bonnet more and more as the speed increases. A sudden detachment of the accessory is thus practically impossible.

Invisible stone chip protection

The special advantage of the Germansell bonnet protection is its paintability. Since we use rigid plastic instead of a textile, the accessory can easily be visually matched to the color of the car. Instead of covering the vehicle's nose with an ugly, flapping cloth, always enjoy the full aesthetics of your vehicle. Even at high speeds nothing can happen to your paintwork. The deflector is easily removable. This allows you to remove the accumulated dust under the bonnet bra every time you wash your car.

What the Germansell stone chip protection offers

In summary, we offer you the following benefits with our innovative hood deflector:

- Rigid, unbreakable material
- UV-resistant plastic
- particularly durable
 -easy assembly without drilling
- Complete paintwork protection on the covered Areas
- Protects against dirt, insects and stone chips
- paintable.

With the bonnet protection from Germansell you can enjoy your vehicle at any speed. Rockfalls and insects don't stand a chance. We wish you always a pleasant and safe journey.

Scope of delivery:

- Bonnet protection / stone chip protection
- Mounting material
- Installation instructions by mail


Assembly instruction

Weather resistant
All mounting parts incl.
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