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Pick-up Trucks


The commercial vehicles of the 21st century

What are the characteristics of pick-ups? A pick-up is a car or off-road vehicle with an open loading area. This makes it a special variant of the flatbed truck. A classic pick-up can be recognised by its ladder frame. The driver's cab and the loading area are bolted separately to this frame. The rear axle is rigid and the truck is equipped with leaf suspension.

In Europe, the pick-up based on passenger car models became widespread. Small cars were also used as the basis for the platform truck. In North America, however, the pick-up was always based on an off-road vehicle or SUV. Nevertheless, those models overseas are not only considered commercial vehicles. They are now frequently used in everyday traffic. The products of Japanese manufacturers are also becoming increasingly popular today. They are often equipped with diesel engines.


The history of the pick-up

The first pick-up was produced in 1913. It was most likely manufactured by Studebaker, although not much is known about its appearance today. The first known car model of this kind was produced by the Galion Allsteel Body Company. It was a small two-seater with a flatbed in the back. Its base was the chassis of a Ford T. After that it had become quiet around the pick-up for some years. Only in 1924 Dodge discovered the gap in the market. In 1925 Ford followed the trend and launched the "Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body". The latter sold 34,000 units within one year. After Chevrolet finally jumped on the bandwagon in 1931, the pick-up was on everyone's lips.

While before the Second World War, the car model had only practical uses, it subsequently became a lifestyle product. There were also a few innovations in terms of design, with the pick-up becoming more comfortable. Furthermore, the vehicles were equipped with more powerful engines. The vehicle model was particularly popular in rural areas. From 1947, smaller versions of the pick-up were also available, whereby the design was further refined.

From the 1950s onwards, these vehicle variants became part of the standard range of most car dealers. The pick-up was then also available in a wide variety of designs and sizes.


The advantages at a glance

There are many advantages associated with the pick-up. It is a robust, stable trolley, which is particularly suitable for journeys in rural areas. Furthermore, it now offers a high degree of comfort - it is therefore also the right choice for covering longer distances. And last but not least, the vehicle allows you to transport large, heavy objects effortlessly. These can be safely stowed on the loading area and fastened side: 1 of 2. For this reason, the pick-up is still a popular purchase today.


This pick-up accessory is available for you to choose from

When it comes to pick-up accessories, today you have a wide range of choices. For example, if you want to protect both your trolley and the transported goods, you should purchase a load compartment cover. This will protect the goods on the loading area from weather conditions such as rain, snow or intense UV radiation. This proves to be an advantage for sensitive objects that quickly suffer damage when subjected to excessive loads.

If, on the other hand, you primarily want to protect your car, you should consider using the loading sill protector. This is because damage is caused to the loading sill, especially when you are loading heavy goods - no matter how careful you are in this process. When buying these pick-up accessories, however, you must make sure that the bumper protection fits your vehicle model.

Opening the bonnet is often more difficult for pick-up owners. This is where the bonnet damper comes into play. It supports the part of the car when open, while also making it easier to open. The bonnet, which tends to be rather heavy on a pick-up, cannot accidentally fall over.

As a pick-up accessory, the roll bar proves to be very practical. This is especially true if you want to transport super goods. The roll bar also gives the car an individual look and allows you to mount headlights. More for comfort and appearance, pick-up accessories such as the air scoop and the fender widening are also available. The mounting of the fender widening can even be prescribed by the TÜV for very wide wheels.

The advantages of pick-up accessories

With the pick-up accessories you can not only increase your own safety, but also protect your transported goods. In addition, you can protect the vehicle from damage with pick-up accessories. It is therefore important that you provide your car with the necessary equipment in good time. Of course, you should only use good quality products. This is the only way to ensure that comprehensive protection is guaranteed.

Of course, price is also an important concern for many buyers. With us, you get your money's worth when it comes to value for money. We offer you our pick-up accessories at affordable prices despite the best manufacturer quality. Just familiarize yourself with our selection - we have the right accessories for every pick-up model.