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Engine hood damper for 119,- at Germansell

What are hood dampers?

Engine hood damper, also called hood lift, facilitates the handling in the engine area of your vehicle. It supports the closing and opening mechanism of your vehicle. Equipped with a gas pressure shock absorber, a Germansell hood damper allows you to lift the engine cover and hold it in place without the need for any external force.

Now simplify tasks like checking and refilling your vehicle's oil and water levels.

Hood lift at Germansell

Discover high quality and low priced hood lift including free shipping within Germany for your vehicle of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault. Fiat, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Toyota and Iszuzu from Germansell.

We make the installation easier for you with installation instructions or an installation video. Also benefit from our car experts and do not hesitate to call us to clarify any questions quick and easy