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Roll bar; loading area bar

No further MOT approval is required as the bar does not exceed the vehicle dimensions.

Roll bar for Ford Ranger with integrated 3rd brake light and LED cargo area light. Give your pick-up a sporty and beefy look with a roll bar. The durability of the bar is confirmed right at first sight by the high-quality workmanship and excellent choice of materials. The products are easy to install on the original mounting points.

The LED brake light, which is integrated into the tube of the bar, also makes the bar a great choice for vehicles without a brake light in the roof. The solid and stainless tube has a diameter of 76mm and is polished to a high gloss finish.

In addition to the sporty and beefy look, allows the transport of large objects such as a ladder without damaging the paint of the cabin. On the bar it is possible to install other devices such as fog lights, warning signs, etc..

A workshop visit is recommended to install the 3rd brake light.

Color: Chrome