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Paypal installment payment

Paypal installment payment offers you many advantages. You can conveniently pay for larger purchases in 12 monthly installments. Detours to the post office or bank are eliminated. Your request will be checked completely online.

If the goods are completely different than described, you can benefit from the Paypal buyer protection. And this is how easy you use the new Paypal installment payment. As a customer you put in the online store as usual the desired product in the shopping cart and select Paypal as a means of payment.check now whether Paypal installment payment is stored in your PayPal account as a payment method, if Paypal installment payment is displayed in the overview.

Simply select, create application and confirm details. Agree to the credit check and accept the installment agreement. Once Paypal has approved your application, just make a binding request for the installment payment and complete the purchase.

Done. Paypal wishes you a lot of joy with your new purchase and with the Paypal installment payment.

How does installment payment work with Klarna?

With the financing service of Klarna you can finance your purchase flexibly in up to 24 monthly installments or under the conditions otherwise specified during payment. The installment payment is due at the end of each month after Klarna sends you a monthly invoice. For more information about the installment purchase, including the General Terms and Conditions and the European Standard Information for Consumer Credit, please click here