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Running boards, boarding aids & sillboards

A running board is a narrow step that is fixed under the side doors of the vehicle. The aim is to make it easier to get on. Running boards are not a new invention. You probably know running boards from classic cars. The old vehicles had more ground clearance and therefore a high entrance. Some historical carriages or trams also had running boards. Today, running boards are often only used as a fashionable decorative element. But on high vehicles such as off-road vehicles and pick-ups, running boards are very useful when getting on or for loading the roof.

Side skirts have the same place of use as running boards but a different purpose. They are normally used to improve road holding. Increasing the undercurrent has a positive effect on the suction effect. This is useful for racing cars at high speed. In the private sector the plastic tracks are more of a decoration. In the SUV sector, the product designations mix up running boards and side skirts.

You know the step from higher entrances of buses and minivans. However, a step can also be retrofitted in smaller vehicles. Steps are used in vehicles for physically disabled people. This makes access easier for people of small stature, for example. The additional retrofitted treads consist of steel or aluminium sheets with a non-slip surface. They can be folded out manually or extended with an electric drive. In the case of the refuse collection vehicles, the refuse collectors stand on the step while the vehicle is in motion. A step is also useful to make it easier to get onto the loading area of the pickup truck.


Make your vehicle an eye-catcher with running boards from Germansell!

Sport Utility Vehicles are in fashion all over the world.
The entrance is higher and so running boards experience a rebirth.

Do you want to make your car sure-footed with entry aids?
At Germansell-Carstyle you will find a large selection for a wide range of makes. Steps help you to get in and out of the car safely during your daily work. Not everyone is 1.90 m tall. With side skirts you can load your roof without having to bend and twist. Your health will thank you for it.



High quality running boards

A running board not only makes it easier for you to get on. It also proves to be extremely useful when fastening roof loads. The running boards from Germansell have a TÜV certificate and are therefore registration-free. The General Operating License (ABE) from the TÜV is included. No further acceptance and registration by TÜV or DEKRA in the vehicle documents is necessary. The ABE states for which vehicle model the running boards are approved. The general operating permit allows you to put the side skirts into operation without testing at a testing institute.

The running boards have a load capacity of up to 200 kg. With a running board from Germansell you give your vehicle an individual and high-quality look and ensure a sporty and dynamic appearance. The running boards are available in different editions and colours. You can choose from the six models Hitit, Ares, Olympus, Truva, Aspendos and Dakar. The different models differ in shape and are available in black and polished chrome.

In addition to an optimal fit, Germansell's running boards offer collision protection to the sides of your car. The side skirts are available with ABE for almost all car models. High-quality corrosion-free material and exact processing provide for longevity and accuracy of fit. The tread strip consists of aluminium with a non-slip plastic support. A steel holder provides the load capacity of up to 200 kg. With a running board from Germansell your car becomes an eye-catcher.



The delivery includes all necessary fastening elements, kick strips, ABE and instructions, so that you can start with the installation right away. Already during the planning of the Germansell running boards it was considered that the installation should be as easy as possible. The instructions, which are provided and described with coloured pictures, show how it works. The side skirts are only screwed on. No drilling or welding is necessary for the assembly. With the detailed assembly instructions every layman is able to mount the side skirts or a step at the rear of his SUV.

The delivery includes all necessary mounting elements, step strips, ABE and instructions, so that you can start with the installation right away.