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Radiator grill suitable for Mercedes X-class

  • Panamerica look for the X-Class
  • Plug & Play Assembly
  • Dimensionally stable OEM Quality
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Question about item

Radiator grill suitable for Mercedes X-class

The Germansell radiator grille of the Mercedes X-class undoubtedly represents a successful optical enhancement of the vehicle for tuning fans. But what other features does the part have? We do the fact check.


What do you understand by a radiator grille?

The radiator grille in motor vehicles is usually defined as the protective grille fitted in front of the radiator or in front of the cooling system at the front of the engine compartment between the headlights. The grille is designed to repel stone chips and thus prevent damage or even leakage of the cooling system. This is because the radiator is the component through which a large part of the heat from the cooling water is dissipated to the outside and in return a permanently cooling airstream is supplied. This constant intake of cooling air or air exchange prevents the engine from overheating, resulting in engine damage or possibly even fire. In addition to these purely functional properties, the design of the radiator is increasingly coming to the fore, especially in luxury car brands such as Mercedes.


What functions does the radiator grille have in practice?

The radiator grille performs the following important functions in the interest of the traffic and operational safety of the vehicle:

- Protection against overheating
The primary task of the radiator grille is to help the cooling system to protect the engine from overheating by letting in the cooling air stream. If the vehicle were hermetically sealed at the front, the cooling effect of the airstream would cease and the engine would immediately run hot, which would inevitably result in damage to the engine (engine damage).

- Protection against dirt and stone chips
The second function of a radiator grille is to protect the radiator from dirt and stone chips. For this reason, the radiator grille fins are positioned in such a way that normally neither stones, nor moisture or dirt can penetrate to the radiator. This is because the outer wall of the cooling system is fragile and sensitive. Even small stones could cause such severe damage to the radiator that it loses water and overheats, which would most likely lead to engine damage. In extreme cases, this could even result in a fire in the engine compartment.

- Branding of the car brand
The front grill also serves as a stable suspension device for the vehicle's brand label. This brand recognition effect is becoming increasingly important, especially recently, as designers of car prototypes often change jobs and possibly hire from competitors. This unwanted transfer of know-how has the consequence that the designs of cars today are beginning to resemble each other more and more.

- Closure of the bonnet
Last but not least, the radiator grille usually also houses the lever for opening and closing the bonnet.


Advantages of the Germansell radiator grille

  • Sporty Panamerica look for the Mercedes X class
  • Enhancing the visual appearance of the vehicle
  • Real eye-catcher
  • Impressive in road traffic
  • Noble appearance, comparable to the luxury chrome look of the AMG GT
  • Perfect air intake
  • Excellent aerodynamic properties
  • Increase in value of the vehicle
  • High processing quality, therefore long service life
  • Perfect fit
  • Heat resistant
  • Simple plug & play assembly
  • No TÜV or ABE necessary
  • High quality materials
  • Dimensionally stable original equipment quality
  • 1A quality at a top price
  • Fast and cost-effective shipping
  • Payment in instalments possible on request
  • Best customer service

Material and processing - The radiator grille under test

High-quality processed and robust ABS plastic make the Germansell front grill resistant to weather, heating and stone chipping. Even if the vehicle is retrofitted, the radiator grille is always supplied in 1A OEM quality. The production is carried out according to the highest German quality standards. The cooling air intake can be individually regulated by means of a radiator louver (not included in the scope of delivery). The Germansell front grill is supplied without the Mercedes emblem (star or similar), but there is a circular cut-out in the middle of the radiator grill for attaching a brand emblem.


Assembly instructions

The Germansell radiator grille replaces the standard front grille of the Mercedes X class from 2017
The installation time is about 2 to 3 hours and is carried out according to the plug & play principle
The front shock absorber is removed for the installation of the grill on the vehicle and then installed again
An ABE or TÜV registration is not required


Scope of delivery

1x set radiator grille
1x mounting accessories


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