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Discover rear protection tubes for your Renault.

What are rear protection tubes?

Rear protection tubes are especially useful for car users who regularly load and unload cargo on the back of your vehicle. In doing so, you protect the rear area of your vehicle from scratches and even more serious damage. In addition to being an effective solution against damage and thus enhancing the value of your vehicle, a rear protection tube is also optimally harmonious with the image of the SUV.

Rear protection tubes from Germansell are easy to install without prior knowledge. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to assist you. No drilling or welding necessary.

Rear protection tubes from Germansell include a TÜV/ABE certificate and installation instructions in German to enable you to install and commission the rear protection tubes made of robust stainless steel without headaches.

Give your SUV a sporty look and increase the value of your vehicle at the same time.