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Bull bars, nerfbars, frontbars

Frontal protection bars are also known as bull bars, personal protection bars, cow guards or bumpers. It is a stem attached to road vehicles and used as a bull bar against game. However, this bull bar is now used almost exclusively for visual reasons. The bull bar gives a vehicle a rugged appearance. A deer guard, as the bull bar is also referred to, is usually chrome-plated, but can also be painted in the same color as the vehicle. Stainless stirrups are often polished and not painted. If it is attached to a commercial vehicle, it can also be used as a support for winches or headlights.


History of the bull bar

As SUVs became more popular in the 1980s, many vehicles were equipped with a front guard. A decade later, there were increased discussions about the danger of frontal bars made of steel tubes for pedestrians and other unprotected road users. Later, various regulations were issued that were of national and European significance. This made vehicle owners more and more uncertain. Even today, many people are still unclear whether frontal protection bars are permitted and in what form. In November 2009, a binding regulation regarding frontal protection systems was passed. This included that the sale and use of bull bars is allowed. The prerequisite for this is that they must first undergo rigorous testing and be approved or accepted by the TÜV. Since 2018, however, frontal protection bars are no longer allowed to be fitted to vehicles in Morocco. However, this does not apply to any other country.


Highlight the character of your car with our bullbars.

Frontal protection bars are visually appealing and made of high quality materials. Especially concerning agriculture, they are sensible and useful, as they protect the front area of vehicles from damage. Frontal protection bars also impress with their durability and high accuracy of fit, which applies to numerous vehicle models. They are made of high quality aluminum, are available in black, mirror polished and original equipment quality. In addition, they are corrosion-free.


EU approval for bull bars?

In terms of mandatory legislation, frontal protection bars may not be mounted that are as wide as vehicles themselves. Moreover, there are frontal protection bars made of stainless steel. The current regulation does not affect roll bars, nor side tube sills that are installed on pickup trucks. The regulations currently in effect are those that were enacted in 2009 and are intended for cars and trucks that are no heavier than 3.5 tons. All vehicles that are heavier fall outside of these regulations. This also applies to vehicles first registered before 2006. Germansell U-bolts are manufactured in accordance with European Directive 78/2009/EC and receive EU approval. As soon as they are mounted, they may be used on public roads.


What is an EU approval?

EU approval for vehicles or vehicle parts such as bull bars is similar to German approval, but differs in some respects. An EU approval is just as valid as an ABE or TÜV approval. Once an EU approval is issued for vehicle parts, they no longer need to be approved by TÜV. They can be used immediately in traffic after correct assembly. Furthermore, compared to an ABE approval, an EU approval is valid everywhere in Europe.


Assembly and further information

A bull bar is available for many vehicles. It can be mounted by simply screwing, which can be done even by people without experience in this field. This is also helped by the detailed installation instructions that come with the bullbars. The new EU regulation with regard to bull bars specifies that different factors must be met to ensure the protection of pedestrians. This means, for example, that the bull bar must be firmly attached to the vehicle so that it does not fall off. But it also includes a mechanism that yields in the event of a collision with people or things. As a result, however, modern bull bars must first pass a stringent test before they can be sold. The requirements are very high, which is also a reason for the higher price calculation. However, this is solely to protect human lives and their integrity. Take a look at the high-quality bull bars in our wide range and discover suitable current models that are also ideally suited for your vehicle.

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