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Buy roof rails with ABE for your car or SUV

To transport luggage or bulky items on the roof of the vehicle, the presence of a roof rail as a basic carrier is necessary for the safe transport of the items. The roof railing carriers usually consist of four to eight anchoring elements including the foot parts. They run laterally across the car roof from anchoring element to anchoring element. Railing racks and roof boxes can be attached to these elements to ensure that your luggage is safely and securely stowed. For skis, special ski holders can be attached to the roof rails. The same applies to bicycle racks. Roof rails are a good solution especially for small vehicles to be able to transport more and larger items. However, it must always be ensured that the transported load as well as its dimensions remain limited according to the legal requirements. This is to prevent other road users and yourself from being harmed in accidents. The maximum additional roof load that your car can handle can be found in the vehicle documents. Things to know about roof rails from Germansell.


ABE marking for roof rails

Anyone who buys a roof rail with "general operating permit" (ABE for short) does not have to worry about the TÜV. Because: The TÜV has already given its OK. For this purpose, an ABE seal is affixed to the roof rails. The advantage is that there is no need to go to the TÜV and you can immediately start with the installation. Roof rails from Germansell all have the ABE. After the correct attachment, the carrier is so immediately usable. The roof rails without ABE must be registered and checked by the TÜV before the first use. To save yourself the walk and possible hassle, it is therefore advisable to get already certified roof rails.


What is the difference? - Open and closed roof rails

The open roof rail is connected to the roof of the car only at a few points. Thus, there is space between the car roof and the railing that you can reach around the metal rails with your hand. In comparison, the closed roof railing rests directly on the car roof, like a bar. It is integrated to the roof of the car and leaves no gap between the rails and the Roof.


Roof rails universal - strong and durable

The railings are suitable for many common types of cars. In addition, during production, great emphasis is placed on accurate workmanship and durable quality. The roof rails are made of aluminum and the feet are made of solid cast aluminum. This makes them stable and thus have a long life. In addition, the air resistance as well as the driving noise of roof rails made of aluminum are lower than those made of steel. When loading your car roof, however, always pay attention to the specifications for the maximum load your car roof can carry. This is usually in the range of 100 kg.


Railing Car- Timeless and discreet appearance

In order to maintain a beautiful vehicle appearance, the production process takes care to ensure that the roof rails have a matching and discreet look. Also, it is taken into account that they fit most common types of vehicles. In addition to appearance, the developers also focus on aerodynamics. During tests in wind tunnels, the basic racks were able to impress thanks to their aluminum profile. In addition, they impress with their significant savings potential in fuel consumption compared to railings made of steel pipes. For the right look, the high-quality aluminum is polished to a high gloss after production and is also available in subtle black. Thanks to the material and the precise manufacturing, the parts remain corrosion-free.


Retrofitting roof rails - quick and easy installation

If you don't have a carrier on your car roof yet, retrofitting roof rails is quite easy. Even during the planning of the roof rails, care was taken to ensure that the carriers are easy and quick to install by laymen. For this purpose, the scope of delivery of the railings includes the appropriate mounting material including hex key and detailed instructions. Thus, an immediate and quick self-assembly is possible. And all this without drilling or welding.

All roof rail models are designed brand specific and fit perfectly to the design of your vehicle. The roof rails are tested by TÜV and have a general operating permit (ABE). A registration by the TÜV, DEKRA or another inspection authority is not necessary, thanks to the already granted roof rails ABE.

The delivery includes all necessary fasteners, roof rails, ABE, so you can start right away with the installation.
Tightening torques / torque for roof rails are 8.5 Newton meters.

For the transport of additional luggage on the roof is a suitable roof rails with ABE the optimal condition. The roof rack is mounted on it.  However, the load to be transported is limited, as is the height of the cargo, so that obstruction of other road users and accidents can be avoided. The maximum additional roof load is regulated in the papers of the particular vehicle, as well as whether the model is at all suitable for mounting a roof rack. Nowadays, these are integrated into almost every car, or it is at least possible to fit them.