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Are you looking for a roof rack, railing rack, ski rack or canoe rack for your vehicle?


The roof rack is a carrier for bulky and large-volume items of relatively low weight. For example, canoes, surfboards, pipes, ladders and other things that do not fit in the vehicle or would take up too much space for the passengers can be transported on the roof of the car.


Story of the roof rack.

The classic roof rack looked like a flat bar cage made out of round tubes, which were fixed in the rain gutter of the vehicle. Special roof racks, such as ski racks were also fixed in the rain gutter. The same applied to roof racks, which were universal in use and suitable for transporting roof battens, surfboards, etc. Since the 1980s, the rain gutters disappeared from more and more vehicles and the roof racks had to be fixed with clamps in the area of the door frames or to the fixed points prefabricated by the vehicle manufacturer. This means that the spacing of the front and rear roof racks is fixed, which limits flexibility. Many vehicles therefore have a roof rail on which a roof rack can be mounted on the car.


Retrofitting a roof rack

Due to the roof rails, which are factory-fitted on many vehicles, roof racks of all types can be mounted quickly and conveniently. If you want to retrofit a roof rack, the first question is what you want to transport with the roof rack on the car. For example, there are special ski or bike racks for transporting skis or bicycles. The old rooftop storage has been replaced by the practical and fuel-saving roof box. However, the various roof racks cannot be attached directly to the roof rails. To retrofit a roof rack, you first need a basic carrier for the roof rack. This roof rack carrier is also called a railing carrier or roof rail. The railing carrier forms the basic framework on which the various roof racks can be mounted. However, the railing carrier is also suitable to be used on its own as a roof rack. Thus, many bulky goods can be lashed directly to the railing carrier.



Roof racks from Germansell

The roof racks from Germansell offer you a number of advantages. Unlike roof rails, which are also available from Gemansell, roof racks do not require a general operating permit (ABE). With the ABE, the TÜV certifies that the tested component has been mounted on the vehicle models listed in the ABE, tested and approved for operation in road traffic. However, the approval is limited to the vehicles listed in the ABE, unless a general approval is granted, which is then valid for all motor vehicles. Although a roof rack does not require an ABE, it must still comply with road traffic regulations. The vehicle-specific roof racks are precisely manufactured, so that an optimal fit for many vehicle models is guaranteed. For vehicles that are not listed in the vehicle list, there are universal matching roof racks in different sizes. The solidly manufactured roof racks from Germansell are characterized by durability and high load capacity. However, the maximum permissible roof load of the car must always be taken into account. This is not in the vehicle registration document, but in the owner's manual. Usually under the heading dimensions and weights.



What distinguishes the roof racks from Germansell

High-quality aluminum is processed, which brings various advantages in use. First, the roof rack is thus very light and can be mounted accordingly comfortable. At the same time, it thus increases the maximum allowable load. Maximum permissible roof load - dead weight of the roof rack = possible payload. The less the roof rack weighs, the more you can load. The solid feet provide stable and secure support. Another advantage of aluminum is its corrosion resistance. This also applies to the screw connection, which is made of stainless steel. Rusty bolts and nuts are finally a thing of the past. Corrosion-free materials and OEM-quality workmanship guarantee a long service life. So that the eye doesn't miss out either, the roof racks are available both highly polished and in black.

Quick mounting

Gemansell roof racks are simply bolted to the roof rails. No drilling or welding is required. Since roof racks increase air resistance and thus fuel consumption, roof racks should be disassembled again after use. This can be done quickly with Germansell roof racks and is also easy thanks to the corrosion-free screw connection. A detailed and comprehensive assembly instructions, as well as all mounting parts are included. So no additional tools are needed.


With the luggage rack by quick assembly your vehicle becomes the ideal transport helper.

If your vehicle model is not in the list, simply measure the distances of their railing from outer edge to outer edge. This measure you take +5 cm, that measure what then results or larger, should also be ordered so to the Vehicle.

Example roof rack with :

  • 110cm
  • 115cm
  • 120cm
  • 125cm
  • 130cm
  • 135cm
  • 140cm
  • 145cm
  • 150cm
  • 160cm

Basically, there is a maximum roof load for each vehicle. However, the height of the roof load is not in the vehicle registration certificate/registration certificate part 1, but in the operating instructions of your vehicle. The weight for the roof rack, roof box or bicycle holder must be deducted from this value.

(Only for vehicles with existing roof rails).