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Seat covers

Upgrade the interior and protect the seats with the right seat covers. A seat cover is a quick and easy way to significantly upgrade the interior of a car. It is quickly installed and gives even an old and unsightly seat a very attractive look again. Read in this article what you should look for when buying car seat covers.


What are car seat covers?

A seat cover is a fabric or faux leather cover that is pulled over the seats of a car.
A seat cover has two functions:

  • Enhance the interior
  • Protection of high-quality car seats

Depending on how you plan to use the car, either one or the other function comes into Question.


Stylish interior - pleasant atmosphere

With older vehicles or used cars, even the best interior cleaner often reaches its limits. Stains, burn holes or cracks can then usually no longer be removed without extensive measures. Also, the interior design of older vehicles no longer necessarily corresponds to current tastes. Here you can quickly create a completely new atmosphere in the interior with a new seat cover. Choose the car seat covers to match the door panels. This way, you will quickly have created a coherent and harmonious interior that will give an old car a whole new touch.


Meet new challenges with protective covers

Even owners of high-quality cars with fine leather upholstery have children. Then it's a good idea to protect the expensive leather seats from the baby's one or other mishap with waterproof and washable slipcovers. A high-performance seat cover often does not look as attractive as a designer seat cover, but it does provide the interior with lasting and thorough protection. Protective covers are also ideal for hunters, for construction vehicles or for leased cars. The models available today are so tough that they won't let anything through to the original interior, even under harsh conditions. For leased or rented vehicles, the slipcover protects against costly complaints when returning the Vehicle.


Advantages of the car seat covers

The seat cover gives the interior of a car a whole new look even in the simplest and cheapest version. However, the choice of seat covers today is huge. In addition to the stylish and elegant upgrade of old seats, a seat cover today can also come up with numerous functions. For example, seat covers are available today that can offer everything from a bucket seat feeling with decent lateral support, to seat heating. This means that a modern seat cover can bring a whole new level of comfort to a vehicle that is modestly equipped. In addition, seat covers provide lasting protection for the original seating in a vehicle.